2020 Services 

Dear Friends & Lovers,

Thank you for visiting my official website. This year has been quite a wild ride, not at all what we expected! Fortunately for those working in my industry in QLD, we now have government approval to recommence work. There is an industry standard plan that we must follow for risk reduction which includes a Covid-19 safe checklist & online health & safety training. 


It's here that I must mention that due to the current climate & personal circumstances I have made the very difficult decision to redesign my business and availability as an independent escort. The following are the most important changes:

  • I will no longer be seeing any new partners for full service dates

  • From July 3, my time will be exclusive to a selected few long-term partners

  • I will not be running advertisements

  • I will not be answering booking inquiries (excluding social dates & pre-paid bookings)

  • If you have already sent me a deposit or pre-paid for a Super Sweet Girlfriend booking then our date will go ahead as planned. You will need to contact me and book within 1 year of the pre-payment.

I recognise that this will be a disappointment to some who have seen me in the past or were hoping to in the future. I'd like to thank you for your interest and I'm truly saddened that we aren't able to meet as lovers. These changes will be for the foreseeable future with no plans to return to my previous schedule. However I am open to, and hoping that one day I will be in the position to see new partners once again. 

If you're in need of someone to spend some time with over coffee, or some arm candy for an event I will be available for social dates.

Please contact via email

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Updated 4 July 2020